18th June 2016 – RTW runners in parkrun action

A number of our runners were in action at various parkrun venues this weekend, firstly at Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun there were 2 PB’s for Kelvin Desmoyers-Davis (19:41) and Richard Woodfield (24:15) – both by a second, so well done to both! Mark Scott was just 10 seconds away from equalling his best time on the course at Dunorlan Park with a time of 22:56. Louise (tail runner) and Nick Fitzgerald (timekeeper) were both volunteering at the event, as were David Harman (photographer) and RTW runners group leader Joe Watts (funnel manager).

Just down the road at Tonbridge parkrun, brothers Billy and Dylan Hobbs finished in 1st and 50th position respectively from 395 finishers.

Finally, at Hastings parkrun Helen Sanson ran her best ever 5km parkrun with a time of 30:46 – great going Helen!

It’s good to see that the training is paying off and all of our runners are putting in some really good efforts at these events. Some caution and advice however. It is important to put in a good amount of easy running and not to do too much of your running at a hard effort – the ratio of easy to hard running should be in the region of 80%/20%. For example, if you are doing a hard effort at our session on a Tuesday (between 2-3km) and then a hard 5km parkrun, again at a hard effort on a Saturday then you would need to be running around 30-35km for the rest of the week at an easy pace – i.e. one where you could hold a conversation whilst running. If you would like some advice or assistance with your training and when to schedule in your easy runs then just ask me on Tuesday.

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