Q. How much does it cost to join or become a member?

A. There are no joining fees or membership costs, however, each group session costs £5.

Q. I am new to running – I have not run since I was at school, would I be able to join in?

A. We would strongly advise joining in with one of our beginners groups in order to build up your level of fitness gradually before coming along to one of our other sessions, after all, we don’t want you to pick up any injuries. Contact us for details of when our next “Zero to 30” beginners 8 week plan is due to commence.

Q. I have recently recovered from an injury and am looking to get back into running having been out for the past 6 months, can you cater for me?

A. We would recommend a gradual return to running mixed with some non-impact cross training (e.g. cycling or swimming) in order to help regain your fitness. We certainly could accommodate you within our sessions as we split the group into teams based on ability (e.g. one team who are able to run 5km in 20mins, another who run 5km in 25 mins; 30 mins; 35 mins etc) and you can work your way back into running gradually. Alternatively, you could come along to one of our beginner group sessions to help build your fitness up gradually with a mixture of walking & jogging.

Q. What should I eat before the session?

A. Nothing too heavy & certainly nothing that you haven’t tried before. Something small like a banana, a bowl of porridge or muesli, a yoghurt or some toast would be a good idea but try not to eat anything within 60-90 minutes leading up to the session. Please ensure that you drink plenty of water during the day and bring a bottle of water with you. A good recovery drink for afterwards would be a chocolate milk (e.g. Nesquik powder mixed with milk), which will help to kick-start recovery and then a decent, wholesome meal which includes a mix of protein, carbohydrate and vegetables.

Q. Is there a minimum age for joining the group?

A. We can accommodate all ages from 12 years upwards. Both Joe Watts and Claire Henry have an up to date DBS check and public liability insurance which is provided by England Athletics.