Halloween progression run – Monday 29th October 2018

As with last year’s successful “Halloween special”, once again we decided to add a bit more fun to our run by lighting up Tunbridge Wells with glow sticks, face paint and brightly coloured outfits (although the latter seems to be a standard nowadays for runners).

The aim of tonight’s session was to run the first mile at an easy, conversational pace and to progressively increase the pace after each mile. The course was out and back, starting at the entrance to the Fusion, Tunbridge Wells Sports Centre and heading towards town along St John’s Road then keeping right along Mt Ephraim. Joe instructed the group before the start to turn around after 12.5 minutes of running in order to re-trace their steps in the space of 10 minutes.

The group were divided into 4 teams based on speed and ability. Joe led the 11 minute miling group, whilst Claire led the 10 minute miling group. The two other groups (9 minute & 8 minute miling) went out with one person in charge of the pacing. The session worked well, with everyone returning to the starting point within a minute or so of each other.

Either side of the main session we took a gentle jog from and to our meeting point, with some stretches and post-run treats at the end.

Thanks to Run Leader, Claire for the photo of the group below:

RTW runners all abilities group post-run:

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