RTW runners – Halloween run (Tuesday 31st October 2017)

Join us this coming Tuesday for what is sure to be a fun & colourful run! For those who wish to join in, we have glow in the dark/UV face paints to make ourselves seen on Halloween!

We will be meeting at the usual place (entrance to the Ridgeway playing fields, off Yew Tree Rd) and will be there from 6.30pm in order to prepare and set off together for a group warm-up at 6.45pm sharp.

Joe has designed 4 runs, each of which have the same starting point and the same finishing point, but which vary on distance depending on the pace that you intend to run. The idea of the run itself is to be running at tempo pace (about a 75% effort) and therefore the pace will mean that you should still be able to speak but not in full sentences (i.e. comfortably hard). There are 4 routes, based on your estimated pace (7, 8, 9 and 10+ minute miling). Once everyone has made it safely to the finishing point we shall join up as one group and take a nice, easy jog back to base for some stretches and sweets!

Please study the relevant map below to be sure that you know where you are going on the run:

10+ minute miling (1.75 miles):

9 minute miling (1.83 miles):

8 minute miling (2.94 miles):

7 minute miling (4.4 miles):

If you have any questions about the routes then please ask on the night or get in touch via e-mail: rtwrunners@zoho.com

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