RTW runners weekly roundup – w/c 29th June 2020

Welcome back to our weekly roundup blog post, where we highlight the achievements from our runners over the past week. In this week’s post we reveal the results of our first virtual challenge – the RTW runners 10km pairs relay. We also announce our next free to enter virtual challenge – read on for all the news!

(not) parkrun

For the second week in a row, there was just the one RTW runner in the Royal Tunbridge Wells (not) parkrun results and, once again a (not) parkrun PB for Richard Woodfield – well done to Richard! A reminder that you can complete your (not) parkrun at any time, on any day and on any course of your choosing. Once you have completed your 5km, just sign in to your parkrun profile and enter your result, this will then appear on your home parkrun event’s results page for that week – simples!

Royal Tunbridge Wells (not) parkrun results – w/c 29th June 2020
Sign in to your parkrun profile to log your (not) parkrun result

Outdoor running group sessions

Group leader Joe Watts delivered another three outdoor running sessions this week – 2 in Southborough and 1 in Forest Row, with a total of 11 runners attending across the three sessions. If you would like to attend any of our future outdoor running sessions then please visit our RunTogether groups page for details of when and where to find us. Please note that group sizes are limited to 5 people in line with the Covid19 guildance which is in place for England.

Weekly30 Run Challenge

There were no RTW runners in the results for the weekend of 4th/5th July 2020, perhaps because many of you were out completing your 5km leg of the RTW runners pairs relay?! A reminder once more that this is a free, weekly challenge to cover as much distance as you can within 30 minutes. Register just once with OpenTrack and then you will be entered for each weekend’s event. Record the distance that you have covered (in metres) and then upload evidence (a link to Garmin or Strava for example) on OpenTrack to appear within the results. There is an emphasis on team participation with the winning team each week being that which covers the furthest distance between us, so let’s get RTW runners on the map!!

Virtual running groups

This week our “Zero to 30” beginners group completed week 6 of our 8-week plan, running for a total of 25 minutes across two intervals. Such great progress from the first week! As for our all abilities group, their week 6 session involved a 30 minute main session of 3 minute faster running intervals with 3 minute jog/walk recoveries between. The feedback from the runners in our Sunday morning weekly Zoom group catch-up was positive and they are all looking forward to week 7!

Our virtual running groups are a great way to provide structure, motivation, connection with fellow runners and access to a UK Athletics qualified running coach at just £5 per week. So, if you are not yet comfortable to join an outdoor running group due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, this is a great opportunity to run on your own and in your own time.

We are delighted to announce that we have two more virtual running groups launching on the week commencing 20th July 2020. Another of our popular “Zero to 30” beginners group and the return of our “Beginners Plus” group, which is suitable for those who have completed either our “Zero to 30” group or the “Couch to 5k”. This is the perfect stepping stone to help you maintain a routine of regular running. Finally, our “All abilities” group will continue throughout the Summer and into the first week of September. You can sign up for weeks 8-16 of this group, with week 8 commencing on Monday 13th July 2020. For more information and booking, please visit our RunTogether groups page.

RTW runners 10km pairs relay – the results

Our first virtual challenge is complete

The weekend of 4th-5th July 2020 saw the first RTW runners virtual challenge take place, with a total of 16 runners completing a timed 5km on a course of their choosing whilst adhering to the Covid19 social distancing measures which are in place. Runners were paired up in advance based on their estimated 5km time and below we reveal the winning team, fastest male and female and the most accurate predictions!

Analysis: Our congratulations go to Richard Woodfield and John Bristow, who together produced a very impressive 10km time of 50:29. The second and third placed teams were not far behind, with Heather (fastest lady) and Gay (most improved) just 39 seconds off of the winning team. Finally, in third position were Lynne and Ali, a further 33 seconds behind. In fourth position were Alan & David who came in just 16 seconds short of their predicted team time with Rose and Matt finishing only 6 seconds behind them in 5th position. A strong effort by Dom in 6th position alongside Martin, produced the fastest overall 5km time and just 37 seconds behind them in 7th position were Gem & Madeleine. Finally, the 8th team & “Joker of the pack” which consisted of group leader Joe and run leader Claire produced a swift 48:27 10km time.

A big thank you and well done to everyone who took part
Fastest lady – Heather Jenner, post-5km run

Next up – RTW runners virtual challenge #2

Register for our next virtual running challenge by Sunday 12th July 2020

We hope that you enjoyed competing in our first virtual challenge as much as we enjoyed organising it and we would like to welcome you to enter our next virtual running challenge which will take place over the weekend of 25th-26th July 2020! Once more, this is free to enter and will see runners paired up, each running 1 mile alone at a time and on a course of their choice over that weekend. We will organise teams in order to ensure that competition is as competitive as possible in order to encourage you to run your best over the historic 1 mile distance.

If you would like to participate in this free virtual running challenge, please register here by midnight on Sunday 12th July 2020. Teams will then be announced on Monday 13th July 2020, providing runners with a fortnight to practice their best mile pace!

Thank you very much for reading this week’s weekly roundup blog post. Please keep in touch with us on social media and share pictures of your running adventures – you can find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @RTWrunners and you can join our club on Strava. We would love to include your pictures in our weekly blog posts, so get snapping! Stay safe everyone.

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