Our runs

** Covid19  update**

As of 20th July 2020 the capacity of our outdoor running group sessions has increased to 8 people in line with guidance issued by England Athletics on Friday 17th July.

As of 1st June 2020 & in line with UK Government guidance we have been providing outdoor running sessions for groups of 5 people to 1 coach. In addition, we continue to provide virtual running groups & outdoor 1:1 running coaching.

Please register with us on the RunTogether groups website where you will also find more information on times, dates, booking & availability for all of the below sessions.

If you are new to the group, please ensure to arrive 5 minutes early in order to register with the Run Leader and ask any questions that you may have.

“All abilities” running groups

  • Coach led interval sessions for runners of all ages (12+) and abilities.
  • Sessions led by England Athletics qualified Coach in Running Fitness & Personal Trainer, Joe Watts.
  • Session consists of a 10-15 minute jog warm-up followed by some dynamic stretches to get the body ready for the main session. The main session is 20-25 minutes and consists of short intervals (typically between 1 & 3 minutes in duration) run at a faster pace, with active recoveries (walk/jog) between. The session ends with a 10-15 minute jog cool down followed by some stretches.

“Zero to 30” beginners groups

  • Perfect for those looking to get into or return to running.
  • Each session starts with a 5 minute walk to warm-up followed by a 30 minute main session of jogging and walking intervals and ends with a 5 minute walk to cool down.
  • Over the space of the 8 weeks, the duration of the jogging intervals increases whilst the walking reduces.
  • By week 8, participants will be able to jog continuously for 30 minutes.

“Beginners plus” group

  • Conversational paced runs of 30 minutes
  • Suitable for those who have completed our beginners group or those returning from a break from running.
  • Group runs are led by Joe Watts and Claire Henry (England Athletics qualified Leader in Running Fitness).
  • Session consists of a 5 minute walk warm-up followed by a continuous 30 minute minute jog at a gentle, conversational pace. The session ends with a 5 minute walk cool down and some stretches.
  • The route varies each week to take in different terrain and scenery from the local area.

Running conditioning / circuit training group

  • Session led by England Athletics qualified Coach in Running Fitness & Personal Trainer, Joe Watts.
  • Session consists of a 15 minute warm-up including jogging & dynamic stretching.
  • The main session lasts for 20 minutes and consists of 10 different bodyweight, resistance, plyometric exercises and speedwork drills which will specifically strengthen and condition the body to help improve running form and promote injury prevention in the long term. The session ends with a gentle jog cool down and some stretches.