This week’s training session

Our second training session took place on Tuesday 7th June, on a hot & humid evening. This week we welcomed along 9 athletes to the session, which included three new members of which there were 2 young brothers aged 12 and 17. The group were split into 3 teams based upon ability and the session involved 3 sets of 3 reps (1 minute, 45 seconds and 30 seconds), with each group taking it in turn to run out on a rep and then jog back to join the group before recovering for the next rep. Prior to the main session the group took part in a 10 minute warm up, including some dynamic stretching and the cool down involved an easy 5 minute jog before 5 minutes of stretching.

A reminder that it is essential to bring water along to the session, especially over the warm summer months and to keep well hydrated during the day leading up to the session. A light snack (e.g. a banana or some toast) around 2 hours beforehand is enough to keep you going and afterwards a decent balanced meal (protein, greens and carbohydrates) with a recovery drink (e.g. chocolate milk) will allow you to recover quickly.

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