Monday evening “all abilities” speedwork group: These sessions are led by group leader & coach in running fitness Joe Watts. The content of the sessions differ each week but always consist of a warm-up jog, a main 25-30 minute session of fast running intervals with active walk/jog recovery in-between, followed by a cool down jog and some stretching. In the Spring & Summer months training sessions takes place on the playing fields and over the Autumn & Winter, sessions take place on the pavements around quiet local roads (a hi-visability & reflective vest is compulsory).

We have runners of all ages & abilities who take part and the sessions are adapted accordingly to the runners who are there on the evening. There is no pressure on you to keep up with others who are faster or slow down for those who are slower. The variety of sessions include, repititions, Fartlek (speed play), hills, Parlauf (continuous relays) and tempo runs.

Sunday morning “Zero to 30” beginners group: Suitable for those who have little or no experience of running or those who are returning from injury/illness and would like to gradually improve their fitness over time. We run an 8 week beginner plan which takes people through walking and jogging intervals and gradually builds them up to jogging continuously for 30 minutes by the end of the plan. Please contact us for details of when the next 8 week beginner group is due to commence as they run throughout the year.

Sunday morning “beginners plus” group: A fun, social session designed to help improve your endurance. After a jog/stretch warm up, we’ll focus on running for 30 minutes at a steady pace, before a cool down and stretch. We’ll use a mix of routes to keep things interesting and help develop technique. These hour long sessions are led by Claire Henry.

Wednesday morning “Drop & Run” groups: These sessions are led by Run Leader, Claire Henry and are ideal for those who have some running experience and are looking to improve their fitness in a fun, social environment. Sessions will include some games and exercises designed to improve speed, technique and strength.

Thursday evening “all abilities” social run group: These group sessions are led by Claire Henry and involve a gentle warm up followed by a steady run of about 30 minutes. Each week we’ll incorporate different fun ‘challenges’ to keep things interesting and work on speed and strength. We will finish with a jog cool down and some stretches.

Please register your details with us on the RunTogether groups website, where you will also find more information on times, dates & availability for all of the above sessions.

If you are new to the group, please ensure to arrive 10 minutes early in order to register with the Run Leader and ask any questions that you may have.