RTW runners monthly roundup – December 2020

The final month of the year was relatively quiet as lockdown restrictions were tightened across the south east, however, our virtual running groups continued and we provided yet another FREE virtual running challenge, the restuls of which are detailed below.

Virtual running groups

Our virtual running groups are a great way to help stay motivated, connected with one another and to push you out of your comfort zone. Costing just £5 per week, runners receive a weekly 1-hour session to complete at their convenience and the opportunity to join a weekly Zoom group catch-up on a Sunday morning. We continue to provide these groups until our outdoor group sessions return in the Spring (we hope). For more information and booking please visit our RunTogether groups page.

Christmas cracker 10km results

The results from our December virtual running challenge are in. We had just 4 entrants for this free challenge, although only 3 results were submitted.

Madeleine Welch – 01:02:34 (PB by over 1 minute)
Richard Woodfield – 53:32 (first 10km of an 8 mile run)
Joe Watts – 42:37

Well done to those who entered and we hope to see a few more runners entering our next virtual running challenge, details of which are below.

January 2021 virtual running challenge

Our first FREE virtual running challenge of 2021 welcomes runners to post a 10 mile run over the weekend of Saturday 30th – Sunday 31st January.

This is a great opportunity to test yourself over a longer distance. For more information on this event and to sign up, please visit our RunTogether groups page.

RTW runners spotlight

This month RTW runner regular Rose Sawyer shares her running past, present and future with us as she comes under the spotlight!

Q. In which year did you start running? 
A.  2016
Q. Who or what inspired or motivated you to take up running? 
A. I started running 5k’s at Bootcamp classes and built up gradually from there. I then heard about RTW Runners from a friend and thought I would trial a speed session out. I met Joe Watts who inspired me to improve as a runner. Interval training taught me about pace, breathing, running techniques and overall performance. 
Q. Describe yourself in 3 words. 
A. Determined, chatty and positive.
Q. When did you join RTW runners? 
A. August 2017

Q. What is your greatest running achievement? 
A. My PB at Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon 2018.
Q. What is it that you like about the running community?
A. Camaraderie, friends and support from the other runners.
Q. What was your goal for 2020? 
A. My goal for 2021 was to improve my pace and time at Brighton Marathon.
Q. Has the Covid19 pandemic affected your 2020 goal in any way, if so how?
A. Covid hasn’t affected my goal. I had a month off and concentrated on strength and conditioning classes which really helped my endurance and speed.
Q. Have you set yourself a goal for 2021? 
A. In 2021 my running goals are to improve my times on the Brighton Marathon and Weald 50K Ultra.

Be sure not to miss next month’s roundup blog post to find out more about RTW runner, Heather Jenner who will be the next to shine under the spotlight! If you would like to feature in our “RTW runners spotlight” section then please send an e-mail to joewatts@plegafit.com

Outdoor running groups to return Spring’21?!

With the national lockdown restriction that is currently in place in England, we are working towards a return of outdoor running groups from the Spring of 2021, with the week commencing 29th March 2021 pencilled in. Watch this space…

Thank you for reading this monthly roundup blog post. We invite you to share your journey with us on social media, where you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Strava @RTWrunners.

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