RTW runners monthly roundup – October 2020

The month of October was a relatively quiet one for our running group as we did not provide any outdoor running group sessions. We did however, kick-off 3 virtual running groups at the start of the month with 8 people signed up across the three groups. The final weekend of the month saw a few people complete our latest virtual running challenge – a 6.66km Halloween run, results of which are listed below. Finally, the month of October did see the re-scheduled London Marathon, though on a new lapped course and only for elite level runners. Next year’s event (also scheduled for October) will, we hope, return to a more “normal” setting.

Virtual Halloween 6.66km – results:

Over the weekend of Saturday 31st October and Sunday 1st November we provided our 5th FREE virtual running challenge – a spooky 6.66km Halloween run! This time we had just 5 runners who entered, which included both of our run leaders and the results were as follows:

Madeleine Welch – 41:02
Harry O’Driscoll – 01:00.14
Joe Watts (run leader) – 27:48
Claire Henry (run leader) – 29:25 (5.40km)
Heather Jenner – untimed

Well done to everyone who completed the challenge and read on for details of our next 5 FREE virtual running challenges which will take place over the coming months.

November 2020 virtual running challenge

Over the final weekend (?) of lockdown 2.0 – Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th November, we invite runners to participate in our very own “Lockdown 2.0 mile relay”. We invite you to pair up with 1 other runner from our running group, with each runner required to complete a 2 mile solo effort. The results from each will be combined to provide a 4 mile result for each pair.

For more information on this event and to sign up, please visit our RunTogether groups page.

RTW runners virtual running challenges

We are delighted to announce another 4, FREE virtual running challenges which will take place over the Winter months in the lead up to Easter 2021 as follows:

Saturday 26th – Monday 28th December, “Christmas cracker 10km”
Saturday 30th – Sunday 31st January 2021, “Winter 10 miler”
Saturday 13th – Sunday 14th February 2021, “Valentine’s Half Marathon”
Friday 2nd – Monday 5th April 2021, “Easter Marathon weekend”

With so many Spring 2021 running events either cancelled or postponed until Autumn 2021, these virtual running challenges provide a great stimulus to train towards a new distance or PB. If you would like any help or advice with your training then please drop group leader, UK Athletics coach in running fitness & Personal Trainer Joe Watts a line by phone 07743 073788 or e-mail joewatts@plegafit.com

RTW runners spotlight

The first in a new monthly feature sees us shine the spotlight on one of our group members. Matt Parrett shares his running journey with us by answering some quick fire questions!

Q. In which year did you start running?
A. Started running in 2010

Q. Who or what inspired or motivated you to take up running?
A. After finishing football I needed some kind of exercise and a friend of mine wanted to do a half marathon

Q. Describe yourself in 3 words.
A. Generous, loyal and friendly

Q. When did you join RTW runners?
A. September 2018

Q. What is your greatest running achievement?
A. Difficult one, obviously finishing the London marathon in 2011 is up there, but I think it is not necessarily the distance you should be proud of. Personally, being able to run and enjoy the company and the surroundings of an event is much greater. So I have to say that the Rye Ancient Trails 15km in 2019 is my highight so far.

Q. What is your favourite running memory?
A. I would have to say the London Marathon in 2011. Just the build up and the sheer scale of the event. Seeing my family on the Embankment with a mile or so to go brings back memories, even now.

Q. What is it that you like about the running community?
A. Because we are all different, there’s different styles of running, some look at ease with it, some look like they are really struggling. But we all get it done some way or another – parkrun is a classic example of this.

Q. What was your goal for 2020 (race destination, new distance, PB)?
A. I was hoping to complete my parkrun alphabet this year (running at different parkrun venues, A through to Z) and within that trying to get a new PB over 5km.

Read next month’s roundup blog post to find out more about RTW runner, Richard Woodfield who will be the next to shine under the spotlight! If you would like to feature in our “RTW runners spotlight” section then please send an e-mail to joewatts@plegafit.com

Outdoor running groups to return Spring’21?!

With the current lockdown restrictions that are in place in England and the uncertainty of if, or when outdoor group activities will be permitted over the Winter, we are working towards a return of outdoor running groups from the Spring of 2021, with the week commencing 29th March 2021 pencilled in!

Thank you for reading this monthly roundup blog post. We invite you to share your journey with us on social media, where you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Strava @RTWrunners.

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