Before I met Joe and joined his running club (RTW Runners) I could only just run about 1 mile! I lacked a lot of confidence and self-belief. I wanted to run but fundamentally believed I was not a runner. Through weekly running coaching with Joe, I’ve progressed quickly to 5k and now 10k races all within 3 months. It’s thanks to Joe’s encouragement and technical expertise that I now feel confident in my ability to run 10k. At each step of the way, Joe has taught me invaluable techniques for running efficiently without risking injury so I’ve been able to build up my running capability quickly and safely. Joe’s passion for running and fitness is infectious and working with him has made a significant, positive impact on my fitness and overall well-being. Thank you, Joe! Helen R

Having always struggled to run any distance, Joe helped me to increase stamina and build solid technique whilst helping me enjoy the experience. I now run 5km easily and using Joe’s training plan I aim to run 10km. Sophie H

Thank you for all you have taught me and for all your encouragement. Now that the sun is shining and the days are getting longer, I’m feeling the urge to get out running again! I will certainly try to apply the techniques and revisit some of the training plans. I’m so pleased I saw your post last May about the virtual running groups and took the plunge! The face-to-face sessions were great too even if I did find them tough at times! Gay S

66 seconds knocked off a PB I set 10.5 years ago! I have no doubt that your training sessions have helped me get there so thanks very much! David W

(Referring to a virtual 10k event) I did it! It was hard & I wasn’t quite as fast as I’d like, but given the circumstances, I’m pleased with it. Thank you for the training plan & for all the encouragement! Mariana H

Thanks for getting me back running again, even if I am the slowest in the group: it certainly gave me the impetus to run. And thanks for your analysis of why I felt so groggy after a run a few weeks ago. It was reassuring to discover it is a normal event, not a serious heart problem! Martin B